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Storytime prints (Set of 4) updated


I released this print set in 2019, and I’m just updated it and re-sharing it. Check it out for your classroom, library, organization, or home. Why did I do these? I made these to illustrate children of color reading or being read to to foster an environment that is welcoming and encourages reading for fun.
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If you missed my set of prints that say READ, check them out here.

Life is Living 2020


For the past 11 years, Emily Butterfly has devoted herself to producing the Kids Zone at the Life Is Living Festival at Little Bobby Hutton (aka: Defremery) park in West Oakland. Creating a safe and fun environment for the children and elevating some of the best children’s entertainers in the Bay Area!! I will be there reading to the babies for story time! 
Our 13th annual Life Is Living Festival is happening online this year!
I invite the entire family to tune in to this fabulous free event this Saturday!
The Kids Zone offers a fabulous lineup of storytelling, music, singalongs and puppetry including:
*Storyteller Kanyon Sayers-Roods. Kanyon is Costanoan Ohlone and Chumash; she also goes by her given Native name, Hahashkani, which in Chumash means “Coyote Woman”. Cozy up. with Kanyon and enjoy her word weaving imagery through her wonderful storytelling.
*Music with Everyday Party.This dynamic musical duo is composed of the crafty tune collaborators: Iwilani Venerable and Monica Hastings Smith. They are both music educators in the Bay Area who will keep your body moving and vocal chords crooning to their totally fun and educational songs.
*Storybook wizard,Robert Trujillo will be sharing the beautiful books that he writes and illustrates!
*The Oakland Public Library will be represented by the West Oakland branch’s new children’s librarian, Mikal Hemingway!
* Musical virtuoso, Gabby La La will delight you with a totally sweet and inviting singalong!
* Ms. Emily Butterfly and her puppet friends edutain with a faery magical story that encourages unlimited devotion and joyous stewardship of the Earth.
The entire program is FREE dollars and Free cents and can be safely viewed from the comfort of your home!!
Remember to register before the event at:
Invite all your friends!!!
It will be a FAERY GOOD TIME!!!!!

READ Print 2

Here is the next READ print in a series of them. I have no idea how many of these I’m going to do but I’m enjoying making them and I hope you like them as well. If you’d like to get a print for your classroom, office, or library please go here. BUY A PRINT!

Did you see the first print in the series? LINK
Check out the pack of Story time prints.

Here are some close ups of the piece.

Story time Print pack

Hey, I’ve been working ion this series of “Story time” posters for over a year with the intent to illustrate children and families of color reading to a child or children. I hope that this artwork is useful to your classroom, home, office, or library. Keep reading to the babies!

Story time poster pack LINK

Story time print 3

Happy new year y’all. This is the third print in the series of “story time” pieces. Why do them? To make art that encourages young people to read. You can see the other prints here on the blog.
I’m passionate about literacy and I hope that this artwork will make it into a classroom, library, organization, day care, or home near you. The subject of this piece is a young father of color and his child reading. Thats it.
Purchase here.

Story time print 2

This is the second in what hopefully becomes a series of “Story time” prints. I made this and the first print as art prints that could be hung in homes, libraries, or classrooms. Anywhere that children are read to really. You can purchase this one on Etsy HERE.

Story time print – 1

Hey good peoples, I just finished working on this new one. Hope to make more than one with this style and/or color combination. Thought of making a poster for folks who regularly read to children. I was listening to an interview with writer/actor Lena Waithe so thats how the reader got a few pieces of her. Hope you like it. If you want one for your spot check out the store link.