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Real proud of this piece for The Liberator Magazine because I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone skill wise and I’m very honored to have my art featured on the cover of such a respectable, culturally relevant, and boundary pushing magazine such as the Liberator, which has been paying dues since 2002. The Water ripple effect is one I always wanted to try but never really felt ready for until now. The next step will be pulling this off with aerosol on a wall but for now, peep the process of how I arrived at the final illustration for this piece. The process shows the sketches, the color comps, the process of photo reference-where my crew mate Cece took many shots of me modeling the position I drew, the final sketch, one of my references, and the final piece.

Big thanks to the homie Joseph Lamour who was art directing this. For those who live in the planet Brooklyn, this piece will be up at the Coup d’ etat show from Nov. 21st, 2009 to February 28th, 2010. Definitely check out the article this illustration was created for and my homie Ilene Byers (IQ) who also has some featured illustration in this issue.One Love.