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Inspiration board 27

Inspiration board! Here are some recent people, places, things, that inspire me. Top to bottom, left to right: Ymtk (musician)-Undivided, Cake walk illustration-Jose Luis Agreda, Motown book-history of Motown, Get Out-incredible film( horror/race), Roaring Softly-Tyler Feder print, Blasian Narratives-incredible docu-theater performance, Siaira Shawn(musician)-Lost, Hawk House-UK hip hop group, Demae Chioma Wodu- (musician) 1/3 of Hawk House, How to Find a Fox-Nilah Magruder, Bros N’ Books-Book club, Sharon Sordo-illustration, Pref ID-Graf, Art Street-art show in Sacramento by M5Arts, Spike Trotman- indy publisher of Iron Spike, and this book about the Chicago Defender.

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