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Type Musical 11 – Percussion

Another exercise with type and music. Percussion! The drum! It is a guide, a map, a language, and a heartbeat. The drum or percussion is so integral to the roots of all music. The first memory I have of a drum was at the Berkeley flea market. Every weekend a drum circle would form right alongside the vendors and community. Have you ever played a drum before? A timbal, conga, turntable, or snare? Do you know a drummer? Someone who programs beats?

Inktober 13 – Mestizo

Mestizo is a word that was created to describe the mixture of Native indigenous peoples from the Americas and the caribbean and Europeans. Most of the time this was done through rape figuratively and literally. Some people use the word to mean a mix between black and white, or dark and light skinned Latinos. I just take it to mean “mixed” because Latinxs come from African, Indigenous, and European roots and traditions; some more than others. But its all mixed in there.

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