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TYS in the media-Oakland,CA

Yoshi, Bounce, and Skot painted this beautiful mural of Oscar Grant! It stands like a pillar of positivity, defiance, resilience, pride, rebelliousness, and “out thinking the system”. When I say “out thinking the system” I mean this piece broke a rule.That rule is, ‘we, the system (Media,tv, net, print) decide what is FED to the masses. The system that is reinforced race and class relations through police forces, judges, Mc Donald’s death burgers, industrial factories,etc is one of highly strategic terror here in Oakland and across the world. Some of us participants are not even aware of how our life is connected to others. And in the graffiti world, “getting up” means knowing your shit is going to get buffed. It gets buffed or destroyed in the mural world too. But, this one of Oscar is still up. Hundreds of people walk or drive by it everyday. This is a small, but significant victory.In the photo is Borish(Mincho), myself, Bounce,and standing with Skot La Rockwell is my son.Thanks to Eric K. Arnold for interviewing us. You can read his piece HERE.