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VIDEO: My fav art bks 2

Hey fam, I just finished the second “Art Books” video. In it I share a little bit of 15 books and magazines ranging from Art of animation, to artist sketchbooks, and photography books. The point of these is to share cool books, show you some ways to get kids off screens, inspire young artists, and hopefully get some kids reading. Some of these books would appeal to elementary aged kids and some are for older teens.
If you missed the last Art Books video check it out here
These are the books in the video:
  • “Afros” by Michael July
  • “Journey for Justice” by Dr Dawn Mabalon, Gayle Romansanta, and Andre Sibayan
  • “We Are the Ship” by Kadir Nelson
  • “Mexican Muralists” by Desmond Rochfort
  •  “The Art of Moana” by Disney
  • “Dailies” by Bobby Pontillas
  • “Girls Garage” by Emily Pilloton
  • “Harlem of the West” by Elizabeth Pepin Silva & Lewis Watts
  • “Stranger Danger” by Clio Chiang
  • “Printing the Revolution” by Claudia Zapata, Tatiana Reinoza, and Terecita Romo
  • “The Art of Hung Liu-Summoning Ghosts” by Hung Liu
  • “Picturing The Promise (Scurlocks)” Edited by Paul Gardullo
  • “The New Bohemians” by Justina Blakeney
  • “Waxpoetics Magazine” 2008/ 2021
  • “Umber Magazine”
If you’d like to purchase some of them I suggest ordering them from your local bookstore,, or StuartNg Books in LA.

VIDEO: “Umber” crowdfunding


Yo, i’m excited to be a part of this new publishing venture and I’d like to invite you to be a part of it too. Umber started as a magazine, and has grown to be a nationally respected journal-a creative thinkers journal focusing on Black and Brown peoples. 
Now, Mike the founder along with a team of writers, designers, marketers, artists, technologists, and journalists are expanding from one journal to become a publisher of 4. Each one (Umber, Tone, Slumber, and BBP) will focus on a different area and we need creatives to contribute. Not only to the campaign but to making the content as fresh as it can be.
Watch the video, share it, and please contribute. LINK
If you’d like to know a bit more about the founder , here’s a short video
If you’d like to get more in depth, please listen to this podcast interview with Print Design to hear how he makes it happen and how it all started. LINK

Tone – Umber Magazine


Really juiced to become a part of this new publication dedicated to forward thinking Black men. Peep the short trailer and please go to the website and subscribe/follow. This is a new project started b Mike Nicholls of UMBER magazine and I have to give him props because he has been putting in major work to publish magazines in a time when people scroll endlessly.