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AD for Orange Barrel/ Wexner Center

Just got this really fresh picture of an Ad illustration I did for OBM-Orange Barrel Media, which was curated by The Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus Ohio. This ad is on N. High St. south of the Wex and Ohio State University on a pretty busy street. This was a quick turn around project and its always fun to do these quick pieces in the midst of much bigger things and such a tense political climate.
Here’s some of the process for the art created for this ad. check it out.
Originally we were going to do two versions of it (landscape and portrait)
Portrait is the one that they went with as a final I believe.

This ad’s artwork although quick, has some very personal elements in it and I feel like i’m speaking to myself as much as I am speaking to the young college students walking past it. I’m for a complete upheaval of this current system. And when they asked me to make it non partisan I agreed because most days I feel like fuck the 2 party system. But thinking strategically with my moves and those of organizers around me has never felt so urgent. I love talking to folks who say fuck voting because that was me, w/very valid reasons. And whatever you do, GET INVOLVED. Doesn’t have to be voting, but it needs to help improve the conditions of your block, hood, state, country, world, etc in a specific way.

I tried to keep the color composition very limited.
And the final!

Dig this? Did you catch the piece I did for Sunrise Movement? Or this one for I did for Elefint Designs (ACLU/John Legend)

Sunrise Movement Postcard


This is a sketch for a recent postcard illustration I completed for the Sunrise Movement, which is a group of young activists who push democratic candidates forward on issues such as environmental activism or justice. They’re running a postcard campaign to send postcards encouraging young people to vote. Myself and several other artists such as Micah Bizant, Jess X Snow, Studio Listo, and more.
So they did a run of 100k and they all sold out in the first day. Now, they’re going for 1 Mil. If you want one to send, or learn more, follow them and..
Check out some process art below. 

Dig this? Did you see my piece for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote?

Power California – Cultural strategy

Hey folks, just got news that this new repost is out. And its designed by my wife (who did the cover illustration). It features some great resources for groups, organizers, and political activists on using artwork and cultural strategy in tandem with political or organizing work. You can download the report here. And here is a link to more information about Power California who I illustrated this poster for recently.
Here is a sample page with my artwork paired side by side with Oree Originol.

Portraits for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote

Here are some portraits I painted for “Mobilize the Immigrant vote”. These portraits were commissioned for voting campaigns online and in print to educate people about propositions to vote for or against. The folks in these portraits are working activists and/or parents or kids of activists who not only want to share their experience but want to win more protection, equal rights, and justice for their families and loved ones. And with the current election results you can understand why.

To see the guides themselves or to learn more about MIV, please go to:

Dig this? Check out the art for Realize The Dream

Mobilize the Immigrant Vote 1- Portraits

Benson, 21, Oakland, Mobilize the Immigrant vote

Benson, 21, Oakland, Mobilize the Immigrant vote

Benson, 21, Oakland, Mobilize the Immigrant vote

Just finished several portraits for a statewide organization called “Mobilize the Immigrant Vote”. These portraits are being used in a small campaign to engage voters of many different races. This past spring I was invited to be their first artist in residence which is a big #$%^& deal. In the past i’ve worked with many organizations who only need you for one image or don’t ask for your input on when, where, and how the artwork is to be used. But this time its quite different with MIV because I have been invited to collaborate with them and to produce art that pulls in your eye, hopefully. These folks you see are young people and adults who are either first generation immigrants themselves or their parents were. And it is extremely important to that they reach other youth so we can get them informed and involved in law, policy, and organizing. 
These were sponsored by the MIV action fund and We are California. If you’ve never voted or totally disagree with voting, let me know why in the comments-no judgement here. Stay tuned.