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I have over 20 years worth of experience working as an artist and I love collaborating with people. If you’d like to work with me here’s a few ways to start. I’m pretty open minded, and some of the topics I make work about relate to music, social justice, parenthood, co-parenting, mixed heritage, literacy, and storytelling.

Please message me to get a quote or propose a project at:

Freelance Illustration

I work with filmmakers, musicians, news publications, foundations, corporations, non profit organizations, and small business owners. The majority of my illustration work is in portraits, spot illustrations, posters, character design, hand lettered type, book illustration, and licensing.

For children’s book illustration, please contact my agent: Marietta Zacker.

Exhibitions and Galleries

I exhibit my art work nationally as a solo artist and as part of group art shows.

Class & Library Visits

I visit schools and libraries to read to children, answer questions about making children’s books, and to show some of the process yearly. I also facilitate one day workshops in drawing and storytelling.

Arts Vending

I currently sell at about 7-10 events every year in the Bay Area and nationally. My focus has been on literacy, children’s books, social justice, music, and ethnic studies.

Guest Speaking

I am often invited to speak and I love having a good conversation with college students, podcast hosts, panelists, organizations, radio, TV, and more.

Children’s Book Consulting

After attending conferences, reading books, networking with creators, helping to organize events, making books, and asking a lot of questions I have gained some knowledge about the field. And I enjoy consulting with new author/illustrators. Start with this PDF.


As a cofounder of the Trust Your Struggle Collective, I have had a hand in over 25 murals and work with schools, organizations, businesses, and cities to create murals.

Photo by Joy Liu-Truijllo.

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