Illustrations for RISE 4 Us Book Project

Just got these in the mail. Last year I began work on these beautiful tributes to loved ones (specifically Black fathers) lost to gun violence in Seattle. The families of Dare’Reon Newton and D’Vonne Picket Jr wrote these stories with an organization called RISE ( Resilient in Sustaining Empowerment) founded by Lynniah Grayson. Shout out to Jeffrey Cheatham for sending connecting me w/ them.

Here are some process drawings and the color illustrations. These are very rough and tight because the art directors/organizers of the project were working on a really tight budget and timeline. Shout out to Anika Zebron and Desi Caswell. But the stories were written with children from their perspective w/ family members and RISE.

These books benefit families. There were multiple families in the project affected by gun violence. If you’d like to see the other books and support families go visit them here at RISE 4 US.

Dig this? Check out the most recent art book I made called “Art of Rob” which has 130 pgs of artwork including drawings, paintings, and even a tutorial.

Art of Rob feat in School Library Journal

Once is a blessing, twice is an honor. BIG shout out to “We Are Kid Lit Collective” for featuring my “Art of Rob” 130 book of drawings, sketches, paintings, tutorials, and more. If you don’t know them you should check out their yearly summer reading lists for kids. If you’d like to Cop my book, do that HERE. And check out all of these other amazing books listed in the article HERE.

Dig this? Check out this video I made of some of my favorite “Art Books”

I’m coming to Los Angeles for Unique Markets!

Hey folks, I’m on my way to Los Angeles this weekend for the 15th annual Spring Unique Markets! This is a BIG 2 day market in downtown LA featuring local artisans selling art, jewelry, pottery, clothes, plants, and more. I’ll have books, prints, stickers, etc there. Bring you and your family to the event to shop local or just say hi. I hope to see you there. More info here.

You can visit Unique Markets on Instagram to see some photos and videos from the event.

Here’s an interview with the founder of the markets…

Here are some fotos from the market over the years to get an idea of the vibe.

Dig this? Check out these photos of my booth set up from the Craneway Craft Fair

Jamil, Maria, & Family – Fridays for Falestin

The purpose of this image and the following images are to share a fundraising campaign for a family who fled Gaza. It is organized by a relative of the family based in the US who represents the Alborno family. Please see the link in my bio for the full story and like, comment, share, and contribute if you can.

Image Description:
A set of slides with hand drawn watercolor illustrations of Jamil and Maria, Pal es tinian children around 2 and 5. Both portraits are held within a circle with an earthy green background, reds and auburns in their hair, warm skin tones and purple shirts. Maria has her hair in pigtails, and is smiling softly, while Jamil has lightly tousled hair with smile open and wide. There is a cream hand drawn background with yellow hearts and purple bursts on each slide and the text below Gofundme Link

Slide 1:
“Help Jamil Maria and Family
Fridays for Fal es tine
Slide 2:
“Jamil, Maria, siblings, and parents fled Gah zah to Turkey and need help recovering
Can’t help right now? Please help spread the word, Like, comment, and share”
Slide 3:
“Join Artists for Radical Imagination every Friday as we share a verified fundraiser to directly support a family in Gah zah. Follow and use the hashtag: #FridaysForFalestin

Art by @robert_tres text by Rob + @vulpinicvestements repping #artistsforradicalimagination Fridays for Fal’ es tin

Dig this? Check out this direct action for Palestine

I’m on 2 panels @ Bay Area Book Fest May 4th

Hey yall, this coming Saturday I’ll be moderating a panel about community and i’ll be a speaker on another panel about food and culture. Juiced! If you’re going to the Bay Area Book Fest come see me.

1-Community Love

Saturday, May 4 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM I’m moderating this panel featuring Roxanne Chester, DeMareon Gipson, and Booki Vivat

2-Food and Culture

Saturday, May 4 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM featuring Ying Chang Compestine, Meera Sriram, and Me!!

If you’re curious to see the schedule of my panels and all the others that will be happening for the 10th annual Bay Area Book Festival please go to this link HERE.

Dig this? Check out this panel I was on w/ the Tacoma/Pierce County Public Library

Bilingual Bookmark Deal 3

Been awhile since I made one of these packs. Although I’m no longer selling these joints individually, I do enjoy making them and making packs of them. So, if you’d like to get a pack of 5 for a reader please cop them here.

Dig this? Check out my previous bookmark packs here.

Rest In Peace Ricardo

I just heard about bro Ricardo Padilla’s passing and I just wanna say a few words. I met him at the first Latino Comic Expo in San Francisco (2012). I remember being amazed, floored, and inspired at the event he and Javier created. Never in my life had I been to an event dedicated to giving Raza their shine in comics and arts like this. And then there was Ricardo who greeted me with a handshake and a warm voice. He invited me to table there not long after even though I hadn’t yet made a comic. I’m still taking baby steps. Ever since then he would always smile , extend warmth and just make me feel welcome. At home.

When I read the news today I was shocked, saddened, and in disbelief. Not because I knew everything about him personally or went to every expo. But because however brief it was, we had a connection. And I feel like many of us in the comics, storytelling, animation, or arts scene really did too.

I want to express my condolences of course, but really I want to say thank you Ricardo for being so kind, affirming, and for pouring your heart into creating a safe and loving community space for all of us. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it takes countless unpaid hours, days, months, and years to build a community like the Latino Comics Expo. It takes drive, research, organizing, follow through, determination, generosity, and so so much love. I think the warmth I felt is love. From Ricardo and all thee kind people he and Javier brought together. And I’ll forever be grateful. Sending so much love, my condolences, and thanks to Javier, Rosalind, Sophia, and the whole Latino Comics Expo family and extended family. I’m honored to have known you and I honor you.

Official statement from Latino Comics Expo