Ethnic Studies No. 2 | Print



It’s winter 2022 and I just finished this new painting. A portrait of a bunch of young people from lots of ethnicities and nationalities paired with the phrase “Ethnic Studies in Every School”. This is an echo of a 2019 painting I did with a similar composition. I needed to paint this, to get it out of my mind on canvas and I hope you dig my purple rain vibe with it.

What is Ethnic Studies? To me, it is a chance to learn about history and cultural from a people of color perspective. Typically US and world history is Eurocentric and leaves out tremendous amount of stories and history from Black, Indigenous Native Americans, Asians, and Latin@s. I believe very strongly that every school from elementary school up to college should have mandatory ethnic studies classes to educate all students. EDIT: Add Middle Eastern and North African families to this as well who now live in the US.

So this is a print which you can get in the following sizes:
11″ x 14″ – $30
18″ x 24″ – $50


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