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Yo! Super excited to make and share this with you. This is a term I’ve heard used for at least 10 years to describe an esthetic, couples, children, and people. “BLASIAN” or “Black” and “Asian” to me represents families and people who share both Asian and Black heritage. They could be specifically North American, but I believe the term could apply internationally to these mixed kids. Being a mixed kid myself (Black, Korean, Mexican, Apache) I identify with this term and hope you can share it with others you feel would love it.

Sticker size: 3″ x 2.8″
Printing info: full color, vinyl sticker

I ship in a protective cardboard envelope to keep the stickers from getting bent. That way the stickers arrive to you fresh and undamaged. If buying this for a friend, just tell me who to ship it to and I’ll write a note saying it was from you..

Sticker Packs:
1 sticker= $3
2 stickers= $5
5 stickers= $12
Note: If you need more than 5 sticker sheets, please message me.

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