Mixed Kid Sticker


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Hey folks, This sticker is of a painting I did recently of the phrase “Mixed Kid”

What is a “mixed kid”? To me, it is a person who comes from a background with mixed heritage. They can be Black and White, Latin@ and Asian, Indigenous and American, Caribbean and Australian, so many combinations of people are in the world and we all have an interesting story to tell about who we are and where are families come from. There are mixtures of heritage within one ethnicity or skin color, and there are people whose family are from various racial backgrounds. This is for all of you. Me personally I am African American, Korean, Mexican, and Apache and this phrase means something to me.

3″ x 3″ Paper Sticker

1 Sticker $3

2 Stickers $5

5 Stickers $12

You need more than 5 stickers? Lemme know by message.


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