Multicultural Sticker Pack


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This is the first of a few multicultural sticker packs representing a few different backgrounds. I started working on this group of stickers in 2020 and they’ve been therapeutic for me as I haven’t seen many designed that are hand-painted. If you’re wondering why there are more than one “Black” stickers, it’s because there is a lot of anti-Black racism in the Asian and Latinx communities, and these affirm those who are both Asian and Black, or both Mexican and Black. Hope you can appreciate them. I do!

The packs includes one of each:

  1. Mixed Kid – 3″x 3″ glossy paper sticker
  2. POC POV – 3″ x 4″ clear vinyl sticker
  3. Black is Beautiful – 3″ x 3″ gold vinyl sticker
  4. Blasian – 3″x3″ vinyl sticker
  5. Blaxican – 3″ x 3″ glossy paper sticker
  6. Raza – 3″ x 5″ vinyl sticker


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