REST | Gold affirmation Sticker


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Between victories and defeats. Rest.

Hey y’all, just finished this sticker as the third in a new series of stickers meant to remind, encourage, and affirm. In the early 2010’s I painted a whole series of affirmations. Getting back to those pieces and making it more affordable, here’s a new one. I painted this piece on paper and got it printed with gold to add a bit of shine. I hope you like it. Stay tuned for more.

3″ X 3″ roughly
Vinyl/ Gold sticker
Water resistant

We all are fighting for something. We have our days when we move forward, and times when it feels like we’re stepping back. We win and we lose. I think it’s important to to rest. Yup, I said it. And I know some will disagree. But, we can’t make a positive change for ourselves, others, our community, or the world without some rest. So do what you do, chill out. Just come back because our gifts are unique and there are others who just might benefit from us sharing them. So, cop one or send one to a friend.


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