15 Tips for beginning illustrators – Instructional PDF



This is an instructional PDF for download detailing 15 points of advice and tools I used to survive as a freelance illustrator working in editorial, commercial, kid lit, public art, and product creation.

There are tons of people out there giving advice but I have been thinking about a way to share some of what I know as a not famous, but working artist for the last 15-18 years. These are some of the things I wish I’d known when I was graduating high school or even when I first officially started as a freelancer at the age of 26. I have made many mistakes and in this doc I try to provide lessons from those mistakes plus links, ideas, or resources for further study. If you’re a young artist or a parent or mentor of a younger artist this is for you to use and share.

– Money, bookkeeping
– Getting organized
– Revenue streams
– Networking/ getting clients
– School/Mentorship
-Principles/ Criticism
-Self Care
-Personal Work
-Negotiating contracts
-Getting professional help

Good luck and build your artistic community!

Design by my wife Joy Liu-Trujillo, illustration and words by me.


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