Step Forward | Gold Sticker


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This is the 6th in a series of stickers serving as reminders, affirmations, and motivations. Long ago I did a painting of this exact phrase as a one off original piece. It was part of a series called “positive wall affirmations” almost a decade ago. Stickers seem to make the message more affordable and easier to take with you on a water bottle, sketchbook, computer, etc.

“Step Forward”
3″ X 3.75″ roughly
Vinyl gold sticker
Water resistant

Why Step Forward? Well, I made a bunch of stickers to remind us to stop and take stock of what is going on and how we feel. After taking some time to breathe, pause, and rest its time to make a move. Doesn’t have to be in the grind. It can be in the direction of self care, creativity, etc. But the point is to keep going, keep living.


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