Ethnic Studies Coloring Sheet



What’s up fam, this is the second of a few coloring sheets meant for students of all ages. Seriously, you could use this as an adult or for a child. Its focus is on ethnic studies and is something to doodle on or color. People have been asking me to do these and I plan on doing more for various ages. Enjoy!

“Ethnic Studies” is the study of culture and history of people of color in the US that is largely left out of history, english, math, and other curriculum’s throughout the US. As a student I benefitted hugely from ethnic studies in high school and college. And I’m still learning on my own. Use this to introduce students to the concept.

The symbols in this drawing:
Top right-The Sankofa-an adinkra symbol referring to going back to get knowledge from the past
Top Left- 4 directions. Native American ceremonies often pray in four directions. Its a super og symbol usually in Black, white, yellow, and red.
Bottom Left-Hmong weaved/stitched patternwork because I hear so little about ethnic minorities in Asia.
Bottom Right-Mayan symbol that Ive always heard representing N’ Lakech, you are my other, I am your other. Or, we are connected.

This artwork is strictly for PERSONAL USE! You may use it as many times as you like in your home or classroom. However it is not to be used for resale, commercial purposes, or promotional material of any kid without my prior written consent and a licensing agreement. If you’d like to license a portion or all of it, please message me at If you share your personal use of this artwork on social media you can tag me @robert_tres on IG, and @roberttres on TW.

Please credit my art. Please credit artists!

8.5″ x 11″ jpg file
Black and white illustration
Ethnic Studies- Symbols of Latinx, African, Asian, and Indigenous studies, typography, etc.


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