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This is an typographic painting I made awhile ago as a sticker first and now as a full fledged painting. POC stands for “People or person of color” and POV stands for “point of view”. So it means people of color point of view. I painted this on cold press watercolor paper with gouache paint. This is all painted and drawn by by hand.

Why? In popular media and history the POV of people of color has often been left out, ignored , forgotten, misquoted, misrepresented, or overshadowed. This initially was created to help librarians label books by authors of color but I believe it can apply in academic, professional, or home environments. Not only that, but I believe it can lead to some tough conversations about race, identity, and white supremacy.

The frame is NOT included in the price.

POC POV Print!
11″ x 14″
Digital print
Archival paper
Gouache, colored pencil


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