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The first time I heard the term “Blaxican” was from journalist and writer Walter Thompson-Hernandez. II’m not sure if he coined the term but he put together and IG that made me feel seen. I grew up seeing these Black and Mexican folks, their parents, kids, and their families. It’s not a secret that Black and Brown folks have been making babies for ages. From California to the South, the midwest and the East Coast.

For this image I thought it would be dope to juxtapose Papel Picado (historic Mexican art form ) with an outline of the continent of Africa where humanity originated. If you’re Black and Mexican please let me know if I did this justice. If you approve please cop two. One for you and one for a friend. Thanks for reading. Just out here trying my best to make work that means something to me culturally.

3″ x 3″ Paper Sticker

1 Sticker $3
2 Stickers $5
5 Stickers $12

You need more than 5 stickers? Lemme know by message.


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