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New sticker with the phrase “RAZA” which means meany things to different people. Simply put, it means “The People”, gente, your folks, your family, and for many people it means a mixture of races/peoples that make up one. People who come from Indigenous, African, and European blood-mixed together through conquest, slavery, and some many other factors. I first heard the term “La Raza” from MC Kid Frost from LA, then from my Chican@ studies teacher Maestra Luna in high school. Often in protests or you’ll see the term because this is a group of people who both know their whole identity and have had it erased. Some people call themselves Indigenous, Hispanic, Latino/a, Spanish, or Latinx. Whatever term you use just know the story behind it.

José Vasconcelos came up with this term in 1925 in his piece “La Raza Cosmica”.

I came up with this illustration back in 2016 as part of the #inktober challenge and I thought it would make a cool sticker. Cop one for you or for a friend. This is a term to me that means a mix of origins into one. And I’m proud every time I hear it spoken. If we ever meet in person, ask me about my peoples: Black, Mexican, Korean, & Apache.

Sticker Packs: 3″x 5″ Vinyl Sticker!
1 sticker= $3
2 stickers= $5
5 stickers= $12
Note: If you need more than 5 sticker sheets, please message me.

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