Breathe | Self Care Sticker


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This is the fourth in a series of 6 stickers to encourage self care, rest, reflection, and recovery. I did a painting of this phrase that was a one of a kind many years ago. This is a continuation of that spirit.

The word “breathe” is something we do naturally. Sometimes during exercise, making love, anger, or stress. But this reminder is for us to breathe when things ease up or when things get tough. Don’t forget to take a moment and focus on the ability to breathe into it, through it, or out of it.

Sticker Packs: 3″x 3″ Vinyl Sticker! Its got a bit of texture to it as well.
1 sticker= $3
2 stickers= $5
5 stickers= $12
Note: If you need more than 5 sticker sheets, please message me.


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