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Band saw

I decided to name these characters “Jeanie” and “Judy”. And In just thought of the many things you could make with a good bandsaw. This drawing is part of a series of new personal character based work using only a colored pencil. It has been…

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Here is some artwork from the picture book “Sam!” published in 2019 by Penny Candy Books. I really enjoyed illustrating Dani Gabriel’s story. It is truly a unique book! Synopsis: Sam is a nine-year-old boy who loves riding his bike and learning about the American…

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Bobby Hundreds

If this is your first time seeing this, I started a series of paintings called “Kindred Journey” last year celebrating my Asian American Pacific Islander folks for the month of May ( Asian Amer history month). Just like last year I’ll be dropping some paintings…

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Shine Louise Houston

This my friends is a porn director and producer! Originally from Long Beach , Shine moved up to San Francisco and began her interest in making adult films working at Good Vibrations (adult sex positive store) because she didn’t see the kind of adult films…

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Play that beat

“Play that beat, why don’t you play it for me? Play it! Kick it!” This is an old song from GLOBE and Whiz Kid. I was thinking about some of the first beats that mesmerized me, who made them, and if they still rock today….

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East Bay Dragons

I know of the East Bay Dragons from driving or walking by their clubhouse on E-14th st. as a young man. I’ve never known anyone personally in the group, but I’ve always been aware of them and seen them riding through the town. They are…

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One of a kind, like me

This is an image from the 2016 picture book “One of a kind, like me” written by Laurin Mayeno and published by Blood Orange Press. This is a scene when mother and son get to a thrift store to find a princess dress. Here is…

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Dad’s Who Dig

This one is for my Dads or fathers who dig, especially my vinyl junkies. I took my son to the record store a few times and although he wasn’t as excited as I was, I’m happy I got to do that. I will leave my…

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Ruth Carter

Ruth E. Carter was born in 1960 and is from Springfield Massachusetts. In her early days of college she wanted to be an actress. Once after auditioning for a play and being passed over for the part she was offered the job of doing costumes…

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  • Final paint

    Final paint

  • Rough color

    Rough color

  • Linework


  • The finished product

    The finished product

13 Ways of Looking at a Black Boy

So I can finally write about and show y’all a bit of the process for my recent piece in the Penny Candy Books release “13 Ways of looking at a Black boy”. This is a great book! It’s hardbound, about 30 pgs total, and matte…

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