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Bilingual Bookmark Deal 3

Been awhile since I made one of these packs. Although I’m no longer selling these joints individually, I do enjoy making them and making packs of them. So, if you’d like to get a pack of 5 for a reader please cop them here.

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Rest In Peace Ricardo

I just heard about bro Ricardo Padilla’s passing and I just wanna say a few words. I met him at the first Latino Comic Expo in San Francisco (2012). I remember being amazed, floored, and inspired at the event he and Javier created. Never in my life had I been to an event dedicated to giving Raza their shine in comics and arts like this. And then there was Ricardo who greeted me with a handshake and a warm voice. He invited me to table there not long after even though I hadn’t yet made a comic. I’m still taking baby steps. Ever since then he would always smile , extend warmth and just make me feel welcome. At home.

When I read the news today I was shocked, saddened, and in disbelief. Not because I knew everything about him personally or went to every expo. But because however brief it was, we had a connection. And I feel like many of us in the comics, storytelling, animation, or arts scene really did too.

I want to express my condolences of course, but really I want to say thank you Ricardo for being so kind, affirming, and for pouring your heart into creating a safe and loving community space for all of us. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it takes countless unpaid hours, days, months, and years to build a community like the Latino Comics Expo. It takes drive, research, organizing, follow through, determination, generosity, and so so much love. I think the warmth I felt is love. From Ricardo and all thee kind people he and Javier brought together. And I’ll forever be grateful. Sending so much love, my condolences, and thanks to Javier, Rosalind, Sophia, and the whole Latino Comics Expo family and extended family. I’m honored to have known you and I honor you.

Official statement from Latino Comics Expo

Seattle “Renegade Craft Fair” -April 20-21

If you live in or around the Seattle area please come see me at the Seattle Renegade Craft Fair. I’ll be at booth #124 inside the Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park (see map below). I’ve been to Seattle before to do the Seattle Urban Book Expo in 2022. This will be my first time doing the Renegade Craft Fair. I will have at least 7 of my kids books, plus art prints, and some stickers.

This crew have been doing large vendor focused events for more than 15 years I believe. I was unable to find a good video but visit the website for MORE INFO

Dig this? Check out this photo of me tabling at Craneway Craft Fair

Sketchbook pg 6

Here’s a page from my 2021 sketchbook. I draw a lot of people and often times the ones I draw from imagination can get boring or repetitive. So, I try to break out of that by drawing different poses and to warm up. These for example are of various dancers moving. If you can catch them while folks are dancing, great. I usually just watch videos of folks and pause it.

Wanna see a sketchbook tour of the whole video? Check it out HERE

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500 Subscribers on YouTube!!

As I am trying to stay afloat as a freelance artist and seeing the genocide taking place in many places, I take this small victory and cherish it!! Thanks to all of you who have supported my channel. I started adding videos to my YouTube at the beginning of the pandemic. I think I had maybe 50 subscribers from my Furqan’s First Flat Top trailer, but since then I’ve shared a bit more and i’m now at 500!!!! Thanks so much for the support! I plan to share more of how I do what I do. If you have things you’d like me to talk about, lemme know.

If you’ve not subscribed yet, you can do so HERE:

Here’s one of the most recent videos I posted. Its a flip through of my first art book so you can see whats in it. Peace!

Mixed Kid – Gold Sticker

Here’s a new sticker I created this month. For those actually reading this, I come from a mixed background and I wanted to make some art celebratingG that. Some kids and adults are still struggling with who they are, but I hope artwork like this can affirm their identity.

Send a sticker to a friend or cop one for yourself HERE

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Children’s Portrait collage 2022-2024

Thanks for checking out my blog. This is a collage of children’s portraits I’ve been commissioned to paint in the last 2 years. It used to be that the bulk of these paintings were individual children, but lately I feel like there have been a lot more siblings and families. I also used to incorporate more of the child’s ethnicity in the clothing, but over the past 3-4 years I’ve really enjoyed just playing with color and pattern. Check them out.. I paint each one by hand, no AI lol.

If you’d like me to paint a child in your life for you or as a gift to someone else, please check out this link.

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