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Podcast interview w/ the Multicultural Classroom

Hey fam, I was invited to be a guest on the Multicultural Classroom podcast where Roberto German interviews teachers, artists, educators, and activists about education both in and outside of the classroom. I’ve been following his wife Lorena German for a while hearing about their collective work to not only share insights from people who work in education, but their work as teachers who develop curriculum. Give the interview a listen and check out their website here.

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Podcast Interview- Art of The Bay!

I was invited to be a guest on the “Art of The Bay-Sessions” podcast last summer and I’m super excited to share that its out. This podcast interviews and features Bay Area artists of many different disciplines and I’m honored to be on it. Big shout out to Nando for having me on.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Kids books
  • The biz of art
  • Exhibiting at markets as a vendor
  • Murals
  • and working with kids

LINK TO LISTEN or you can listen on your favorite podcast app.

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Inspiration Board 44

Hey fam, I hope you’re well. Whew with life this past year and moving, war, family health, inspiration has gone down the tube. I mean, I still read, listen, watch, feel, and experience but I have felt exhausted and uninspired to keep it real. I still create because I’ve been doing this for a long ass time, but sometimes it needs to be said that you don’t feel it. Anyway, for the past 6 months or so these are some things that fed or made me feeeeeeel.

Starting from top to bottom, left to right:

  1. The Purpose of Power – book by Alicia Garza. Reallly great read and reminder that the fight is long ahead (Organizing/Activism)

2. Texas Book Festival – 1st time visiting this historic book fest in Austin,TX. Shout out to Lee & Low, Reading Rockets, and the Fest (event)

3. The Spirit of the Palestinian People! – With over 75 years of colonialization they still stand and it is both painful and inspiring to have to witness time and time again. Thank you to the everyday people and the Palestinian organizers! (Resistance)

4. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill– Marc has been doing a lot of work to question society from multiple viewpoints and I’m thankful (Journalism)

5. Bisan Wizard– I’m in awe of this young journalist who has been sharing news in Arabic and English, risking her life to show us what US, European, and Israeli wont; what is happening is genocide (Journalist)

6. Jewish Voice for Peace– BIG shout out to my Jewish fam in the US acting up and showing out to show solidarity and prove that questioning Zionism does NOT equal antisemitism. They have lifted the veil for many Jews, Christians, Muslims, and atheists alike. (activists)

7. Olivia Dean – Love this singer songwriters music. Check her out! (music)

8. LaRussell and Tietta – This duo’s work to put their name, art, and biz savvy has been inspiring to watch. From Vallejo Ca (Business/Art)

9. Maurice Carney – I loved learning about what is happening in the Congo from Maurice of “Friends of the Congo” (Activism)

10. Frizzy – Graphic novel about hair, self acceptance and mentorship (Graphic Novel)

11. Sara Trellez– There’s something lifee giving and undesribable about this dance routine Sara gives. I could see and recognize the years of work, talent, research, and history she put into this (Dance)

12. Lowkey – This MC from the UK came to me through my boy Pele. I’m so happy I found Lowkey because his skills and wit inspired me. So smart and so relentless! (Hip Hop)

13.  Can We Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers? – Shout out to Angela Dalton who showed me this book. Contrary to what adults may think, these are exactly the kinds of questions I think kids can and should grapple with. Policing has got to go (Kid Lit)

14. Motaz Azaiza– Brother Motaz is an incredibly talented and brave photographer who once again is showing us in English and Arabic what the regime of Israel is doing to the people of Palestine. Genocide. (Photography)

15. Amanda Seales– I’ve watched Amanda go through being an MC, a singer, a poet, actor, and now social media activist who has challenged and critiqued not only Israel but many other things. And she’s not just talking, listen-you’ll see in addition to living shes also studied! (Social Media)

16. Artie and the Wolk Moon– Great GN about a young Black girl who learns she is part werewolf!! Perfect for older elementary students and middle grade readers (Graphic Novel)

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Inspiration board 43

Inspiration board 42

What’s this? This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life’s trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I’ve been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments. Who am I? My name is Rob Liu-Trujillo and I’m an artist working in kid lit, public art, and other disciplines. Go to my website, or follow me on IG or YouTube. You can also cop my first art book here.

10 Years of Revision Path!!!!


Ey, we gotta give big props and credit to Maurice Cherry who has spent the last decade researching, contacting, featuring, interviewing Black designers and artists. I started listening to the show off and on when my friend Qa’id Jacobs was a featured guest(2016). I knew Qa’id from Brooklyn and was astonished at the time to see a podcast dedicated to Black artists and designers like this. It did NOT exist back then. But folks Like Andrea Pippins, John Jennings, Kimberly Bryant, Goldi Gold, Craig Brimm, Gabriele Smith, and Dawn Okoro were working HARD even back then.
If you’re interested in architecture, graphic design, illustration, UI UX, etc go to the website and listen to some of these episodes. LINK

Listen to this episode about the history of Revision Path where he breaks down some of the hardships he’s faced over the years and some of the triumphs. Thank god he has kept it going! 
Thank you Maurice!!! Who himself is a great designer. This is his company.
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LLAG Radio – Art Nelson Concordia interview


This is a really great interview with educator, activist, and dad Art Concordia Nelson about his work in Ethnic Studies. He has been a teacher in schools for over 20 years, was instrumental to the fight for ethnic studies in San Francisco public schools, Ethnic Studies as a requirement for all California high schoolers, and is now working on a program in Santa Barbara.

Some of my favorite topics he brought up in this video are:

  • Ethnic Studies going from the margins to the center and the attacks that come with that
  • Why Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Theory are under scrutiny and threat
  • How race was invented to divide people
  • The path of inquiry to understand systems
  • The experience of working with young people and the responses or questions they have
  • Anti Oppression/ Anti Racism
  • Sorting neighborhoods into workers, managers, and owners
There were more gems but heres a good quote: “Ethnic Studies is history from the perspective of racialized communities of color”
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Earn Your Leisure – Police Brutality, taxpayers, insurance companies


Follow the money. There’s more to it than just racial hatred, and historic oppression even though that is the factual root of policing in the United States. Here, the good brothers over at Earn Your Leisure break down how insurance companies are making bank off of police brutality cases through cities such as Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Chicago. 
Here in this video they go into further detail about some of the major banks and corporations profit off of police brutality and how cities ear mark or set aside a certain amount of $$$ YEARLY for police murders, brutality, and settlements. Peep this article how corporations financially support cop unions.
Dig this? Heres a portrait of Huey P Newton (co-founder of the Black Panther Party), Brutality over the years

Feel Good Hour w/ Farbeon

Yo, i’m excited to be a guest on the “Feel Good Happy Hour” w/ my bro Farbeon (MC/DJ/Educator). I’ll be on next week on Friday Feb 10th. My dude hosts this show where he interviews artists, musicians, and educators about what they do, music they like, and what makes them feel good.
TUNE IN: On Bonfire Radio to hear it
Stream it here:

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Teach the Children the Truth (podcast) -Marisa Villegas


Juiced to share this podcast by ethnic studies teacher and professor Marisa Villegas. 

“Ms V” as I call her taught my son when he was a student in the Oakland Unified School District at a bilingual school in East Oakland. She has been teaching for decades and like me is a Berkeley High school grad. In this show she gets into her story as a teacher, her tactics for teaching, and I’m excited to hear more. Listen to the introduction to the podcast and share with ethnic studies teachers. If you follow me you know I ride for this.
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