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VIDEO: My Favorite Art Books 3


Hey everyone its been awhile since I did one of these and I’m excited to share it.  The aim of these is to inspire you, inspire artists, young readers, and more. Art books to me are books using visual art, photography, design, collage, and words to highlight a topic, art form, person, place, genre, discipline, or medium. 
They are a great way to unplug when you’ve been staring at screens too long. They’re great for traveling, road trips, flights, etc. They’re great for getting inspired and they’re a great way to get young people reading; as long as its about a topic they LOVE. Please watch and share.

I discuss 13 books in the video including my own art book:
“The Art of Tekkenkinkreet / Black & White” – Shinji Kimura
“Supreme Glamour”- Mary Wilson
“The Art of Juanjo Guarnido” – Juanjo Guarnido
“Shelter in Place” – Avy Jetter
“Dinotopia” – James Gurney
“Painting The Streets-Oakland Uprising in the Time of Rebellion”- Nomadic Press
“Creations Vol. 1” – Derek Laufman
“Iguana Bay” – Claire Wendling
“Black Champions in Cycling” – Marlon Lee Moncrieffe
“Maestrapiece- San Francisco’s Monumental Feminist Mural” –Heyday Books
“Art of Rob” – Robert Liu-Trujillo
“Prince of Cats” – Ronald Wimberly 

Dig this? Check out “My Favorite Art Books 2” the second video in this series. And if your local bookstore or library doesn’t have any of the art books you’re looking for, politely request them ūüôā
If you’d like to purchase some of them I suggest ordering them from your local, or StuartNg Books in LA.

Spiderverse 2 Trailer

Yo, super excited to see this!! I LOVED “Into the SpiderVerse” with Miles Morales. Watched it with my son and my wife and was so inspired not only by the style of animation but the content and having an AFRO LATINO kid be the main protagonist of the story. If you havent seen the first one go watch it and show up for this one. Its important!
Dig this? Check out this drawing os Brenda Banks-animator and Sandra Equihua also an animator


Pinocchio behind the scenes – Drops Dec 9th!


Yoo, I’m so excited to see this new Guillermo Del Toro film. Not only because he made it and I dig his work, but because I LOVE STOP MOTION ANIMATION! Check out some of these behind the scenes peaks.
And watch the film when it debuts on Netflix next month.
Dig this? Check out the trailer for Wendell & Wild (Henry Selick/Jordan Peele)

Inspiring Artist – Ami Thompson


I believe I came acRoss Ami’s work through Pinterest. I keep a board of inspiring characters and saw her work recommended to me. WOW. So much raw energy, emotion, design, color, and mood. I love her work-all the excitement and danger, the strong female characters, and the carnage I believe some of these characters could cause if we were living in Ami’s world. 

I’m sure you’ll recognize these cats from Avengers.

Ami has worked on a bunch of films such as Raya and the Last Dragon, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Mutafukaz, and she is currently working on the Maggie Kang directed Sony Pictures film “K-Pop: Demon Hunters” which I can’t wait to see!

Here’s an interview she did with Bobby over at Schoolism.

If you get a chance go follow Ami Thompson on Instagram. She doesn’t post a ton, but when she does its dope.

If you missed the last inspiring artist, check him out here: Zeke Pe√Īa
Before that I shared some work from:

Inspiring Artist – Gabby Zapata


I love Gabby Zapata‘s character work. I can’t remember when I came across her but she has an incredible style, sense of color, and attitude in her work. It sings with life. Check out a few of these!

Gabby works in animation, comics, and illustration. You might have seen some of her work in films like The Legend of Tembo, Tangled, Alebrijes, and she is now a lead designer at Disney. She is from LA and both Mexican and Colombian!

If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a series of posts where I share and or highlight inspiring artists in a variety of fields relating to art (photography, film, animation, illustration, fine art). Check out a few of the previous ones:

VIDEO: My fav art books


What up y’all, been wanting to do this video for a minute. Art books are a great way to unplug from the internet or get someone reading who doesn’t normally like books. Whenever I get stuck I pull out some ill art books, read them, and just flip through them. Check these books out. Cop them from an indy store or request them at your local library!
If you missed my last inspiration board check it here
The last kids book I did is called Alejandria Fights Back

Here are all the books I mention in this video, please support them. Cop from the artists themselves,   your local independent bookstore, or

-“Spraycan Art” by Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff 

-“One Track Mind” Graffiti Magazine 
-“OS Gemeos” 
-“Reflections In Black” by Deborah Willis 
-“Chaz Bojorquez” 
-“The Early Bird” by Morning Breath 
-“De La Soul” by Frank 151 
-“Spider Man Into the Spiderverse” by Sony/ Marvel 
-“The Dam Keeper” by Tonko House 
-“Robota” by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card 
-“Celebrate People’s History” by Josh MacPhee 
-“Everyday Love Vol. 3” by Nidhi Chanani 
-“Frontier” by Hellen Jo 
-“Spam 4” by Mingjue Helen Chen 
-“The Black Book” by Khari Randolph 
-“Version 002” by Jake Wyatt 
-“Art of Jisei” by Miguel C. Hernandez

Inspiration board 39

Ok, lately a lot of whats been on my mind is the study of film, particularly how to storyboard a good film sequence. Heres the board from top top bottom, left to right: 
1. Gaidaa– Incredible young singer/songwriter from the Netherlands via Sudan
2. PBS YouTube series “Weathered” about climate change is scary and engaging
3. Cassey Kuo-incredible concept/story artist
4. DJ Premier is doing a videos series abt beats!
5. Lightbox Expo-art, film, animation, illustration expo online
6. Greentea Peng-great UK singer songwriter photo by Suki Dhanda
7. Maya and the Three-Upcoming film by Jorge Gutierrez
8. Blk Wmn Animator-is a video series by Deborah Anderson 
9. Jordi Lafebre-french illustrator for comics
10. Drik the Villain-Graf writer w/ 3d styles
11. Native artist- David Kanietakeron Fadden great piece abt native genoicde
12. My Dad the Bounty Hunter-an upcoming animated seriess by Everett Downing Jr. 
13. Studio Binder-great resource for learning film
14. Screenwriter and story consultant Brian McDonald gets deep into the story
15. Hand lettering by Carmi Grau 
16. Script consultant/writer РShannan E. Johnson gets structure
Please check out the links and support these folks, things, etc.
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What’s this?¬†This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life’s trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I’ve been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments.
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