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Stuff I’ve Been Listening To 25- More SOUL

Flwr Chyld Featuring Sebastian Mikael ( Georgia-US) – Eucalyptus 2023

I discovered this jam through Sebastian Mikael and LOVE Flwr Chyld’s production style!! Incredible feel for good soul!

What is this? This series is called “Stuff I’ve been listening to” and this is my place to share music that I listen to while I work, process, decompress, and live life. Some of it is new, some old. But I’m always listening. I share in the hopes that you will find something that inspires you. Please share with a fellow music lover.

Cleo Sol ( London-UK) – Go Baby 2023

If you haven’t heard Cleo Sol yet, do yourself a favor and listen to this singer songwriter’s work as a solo artist and collaborator w/ folks like Sault, Little Simz, and more.

Moonchild (Los Angeles, US) – Too Good 2021

I first heard Moonchild some 5 or 6 years ago. They are primarily a trio that plays a blend of Jazz and Soul. Very talented group that writes and produces their stuff.

Olivia Dean (London, UK) – No Man 2023

On a weekend bday trip my wife was playing some music on Spotify and this song came on. I had to rewind it of “course and discovered an amazingly talented young vocalist from the UK. “Ladies room” from this LP and “Be my own boyfriend” are also my jam.

Adi Oasis (Brooklyn, US) – Mystic Lover 2022

I came across Adi aka Adeline playing a bass cover of Patrice Rushen’s “Forgive Me Nots” and was blown away by this bad add bass player and singer songwriter. She’s originally from France but has called the US home for awhile.

Brainstory (Los Angeles, US) – Dead End 2019

Can’t remember how I came across this group, but they are on Big Crown Records who have been consistently been pumping out some of the most gorgeous Soul from a multicultural cast of characters in LA and beyond.

Sam Willis (Hastings, UK) – Don’t Doubt It 2023

Can’t remember how I came across Sam, I think another artist I follow mentioned him. Either way, solid single!!

AstralBlak AKA Zulu Zuluu (Minneapolis, US) – Fades 2016

I love this group. They started off as Zulu but changed their name to AstralBlak.

Jennah Bell w/ Claudio Olachea (Oakland, US) – Can You See it? 2023

I first heard Jennah Bell maybe 10 years ago and have loved a little bit of everything she has put out since! She’s a versatile singer, songwriter, and guitarist from my home town! If you dig her too, check out “Hammer”, “Another Louisiana”, or “Candied Daylight”.

And here are some even older joints…

Maxwell (New York, US) – Sumthin Sumthin MellowSmooth 1997

We all love Maxwell, but unless you watched the first love scene in the film Love Jones you might have missed this remix of the classic “Sumthin Sumthin” on the soundtrack. Still hits!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah (Philadelphia US/Toronto CA) – Maybe We Can Just 2011

DJ Jazzy Jeff and singer Ayah did this EP project mixing some old and new for a fly blend of soul back in 2011 or 2010. Hear the whole project here.

Anita Baker (Detroit, US) – Talk to Me 1990

Grew up on this woman’s music playing on the living room stereo. This is one of my favorites from Ms Baker.

Stevie Wonder (Los Angeles, US) – Superwoman 1972

Classic deep cut from Stevie!!



Ok thats it fam, if you dug this share it with a friend, comment with some musical suggestions, and if you want to support me you can do so at my shop.

Stuff I’ve Been Listening To 24 – Synths

Loose Ends (UK) – Hanging on a string 1984
Always loved Loose Ends and this classic track from them.

Welcome welcome. Here is a new post with some of my favorite synths, mostly across soul, jazz, funk, hip hop, and rock. I didn’t always know that I loved synths, I just like good music. But after hearing some chatter about synths in general and some of the machines created to make the sounds, I thought I’d share some of my favorites, not the best synths ever. This is totally subjective. Enjoy.
Little Dragon (Sweden) - A Place to belong (2007)
This is the first Little Dragon song I heard from my boy Miguel. Fonky.
We Are King (Minneapolis/LA) – The Greatest (2015)
Agggh, one of the illest soul groups of recent to write and produce w/ synths!!
Squarepusher (UK) – Plaistow Flex Out (2001)
Was turned on to Squarepusher by my homie and drummer Valentino 
Pink Floyd (UK) – On the Run (1973)
Always loved this Pink Floyd album! 
Kool & The Gang (Jersey City) – Summer Madness (1974)
Classic joint from a classic jazz, rock, soul band.

What is this? 

This series is called “Stuff I’ve been listening to” and this is my place to share music that I listen to while I work, process, decompress, and live life. Some of it is new, some old. But I’m always listening. I share in the hopes that you will find something that inspires you. Please share with a fellow music lover.

Satoshi & Makoto (Japan) – Crepuscule Leger (2017)
New! Don’t know much about these cats, but I dig it.
Jneiro Jarel (Philadelphia) – Soul Starr (2005)
Discovered Jeniro aka Dr Who Dat? at the record store and became an instant fan. 
Björk (Iceland) – Hyperballad (1995)
Heard Bjork through one of my best friends in the 90s and was blown away
Zion I w/ Mikos da Gawd (Oakland) – Saving Souls (2016)
RIP Zumbi, this is one of countless synth flavored Zion I songs

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Sexual Harassment (Midwest US) – I need a freak (1983)
House party track tried and true. First heard it as a child.
Chaka Khan (Chicago) – What Cha Gonna do for Me? (1981)
Radio classic on kiss fm in the Bay
Marcos Valle (Brazil) – Naō Tem Nada Naō (1973)
Found this cut via Madlib!
Kraftwerk (Germany) – Numbers (1981)
These cats are German, but this is straight up electro classic hip hop material. 

Ok, one last one fam….
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Austin) – Kids (2016)

Discovered the guys through the Stranger Things soundtrack which was both old and new, simple, yet amazing! Reminds me of 80s movies and that was the point! Keep listening to new and old music. There are tons of great artists still coming out with music. If you’re not sure where to look, check out your local DJ, playlists, mixes, and your local independent radio stations……

Soul Portrait 10 – Amber Mark


A quick ink drawing on paper of singer songwriter Amber Mark. I’m new to Amber but I love her song “Competition” and “Love me right”. I don’t know much about her backstory but it sounds like she spent time in the US and Europe. Support her music here.
Whats this? This is a series of portraits I started several years ago for fun practice. I draw or paint portraits of Soul musicians I like. The last one was of Fatima from Sweden. Check it out here

Goapele Interview + fav songs


Nice interview w/ Goapele of Oakland talking about different points in her career. Brought back some memories and reminded me to peep her newer music.I’ll admit I am often impressed by Talib’s knowledge of Bay Area music. In this interview she talks about a bunch of stuff and could’ve listened to even more about her process, family, and future plans.
2001-Even Closer
Red White & Blues is a dope anti-war song she did right after the 9-11 attack in NYC. I remember watching her perform this at Frank Ogawa Plaza. I also love Childhood drama (Herbie hancock remix), Romantic, Too much the same, Things don’t exist, and of course the classic from the same album. 
CLOSER! produced by Amp Live of Zion-I.
And some more i love that you might like….
2005Change it All (also feat her activist roots) , Different w/ Clyde Carson (The Team), and First Love
2008Don’t be Shy is my jam, Milk & Honey
2011Play, Money
2017– Dreamseeker EP  Cool Breeze
If you dig her and want to hear more soul please check out : Stuff I’ve been Listening to 17 w/ SOUL

Stuff I’ve been listening to – 20 (Remixes)

Otis Redding- Sitting on the dock of the bay DJ Spinna remix 2021

Listening to this remix of Otis Redding the other day reminded me how a good remix can really light up a depressing day. With isolation from family, friends, and restrictions I look for inspiring things to share. And I started this series of blog posts, to share good music new and old. The majority of this will be hip hop, soul, and reggae but I know many genre’s have their dope remixes.


Brandy – I wanna be down IAMNOBODI remix 2013

The Roots – Silent treatment Da Beatminerz Remix 1995
Maylee Todd – Hieroglyphics Tall Black Guy Remix 2012
Mega Banton – Sound Bwoy Killin Salaam Remi Remix 2000
Teedra Moses – Be your girl Kaytranada Remix 2013
The Pharcyde – She said Jay Dee/Dilla remix 1995

Little Dragon – Seconds Syd The Kyd Remix 2010

A remix is a restructuring of an existing song. It could have the same beat and different verses, the same lyrics and a different beat, or a slight change that makes the song slower or faster. Either way it is an improvement of an existing song. These are some of my favorite remixes. It’s not comprehensive, it’s a list of what I like. Feel free to comment with your fav remix!

Dead Prez – Hip Hop w/ Sault Pele Durian Funk remix 2020
Capelton -Tour Dynamik Duo Remix 1994
De La Soul – Stakes is High w/ Fela Amerigo Gazaway Remix 2011
E40 -Tell me when to go Trackademicks Remix 2006
And there are so many more. For instance, the Luniz “I got 5 on it” remix, A Tribe Called Quest “Bonita Applebum” remix, NWA‘s “Dopeman” remix, SWV “Right here”, or the Black Hippy Remix of “That Part” by Schoolboy Q. Ahhhh there are so many lesser known artists w/ dope remixes too. What’s your favorite remix?
Want to hear more music? Check out my posts from the past!
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Stuff I’ve been listening to – 19 (UK artists)


Greentea Peng – Dingaling (2021)

It feels like I’ve been listening to a lot of UK(British) artists lately from a few genres but mostly hip hop and soul. Here are a few of those artists. Hearing how they do their own thing and flip soul, hip hop, jazz, or house really trips me out sometimes. One of my biggest wishes is for more US based MCs, vocalists, and producers to collaborate with them. Got some folks I should hear? Leave a comment!

Yusef Dayes & Tom Misch – Storm before the calm (2020)
Cleo Sol – Sweet Blue (2019)
Little Simz-Backseat  (2016)
Eric Lau-Masamba (2017)
Kokoroko- Carry me home (2021)
Nayana IZ – TNT (2020)
Sault – Little boy (2020)
Andrew Ashong – Never dreamed (2013)
I wish I could tell you where everyone is from but I do not always know. And I’m trying to include artists from the past 5-10 years mostly. If we were going back in time I would include artists like Soul 2 Soul, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Loose Ends, or Sade.
Omar – I want it to be (2016)
Zilo – Show me whats mine (2021)
Blue Lab Beats – Memories (2019)
Hawk House – Chill pill (2014)
Hollie Cook – That very night (2011)
Shout out to Osunlade, Gilles Peterson, Vanessa Warren, Thinkbeat Radio, and the Colors YouTube channel for some of the gems!

The previous “Stuff I’ve been listening to” was about HOUSE music

Stuff I’ve been listening to- SOUL music

Stuff I’ve been listening to- JAZZ

Inspiration board 39

Ok, lately a lot of whats been on my mind is the study of film, particularly how to storyboard a good film sequence. Heres the board from top top bottom, left to right: 
1. Gaidaa– Incredible young singer/songwriter from the Netherlands via Sudan
2. PBS YouTube series “Weathered” about climate change is scary and engaging
3. Cassey Kuo-incredible concept/story artist
4. DJ Premier is doing a videos series abt beats!
5. Lightbox Expo-art, film, animation, illustration expo online
6. Greentea Peng-great UK singer songwriter photo by Suki Dhanda
7. Maya and the Three-Upcoming film by Jorge Gutierrez
8. Blk Wmn Animator-is a video series by Deborah Anderson 
9. Jordi Lafebre-french illustrator for comics
10. Drik the Villain-Graf writer w/ 3d styles
11. Native artist- David Kanietakeron Fadden great piece abt native genoicde
12. My Dad the Bounty Hunter-an upcoming animated seriess by Everett Downing Jr. 
13. Studio Binder-great resource for learning film
14. Screenwriter and story consultant Brian McDonald gets deep into the story
15. Hand lettering by Carmi Grau 
16. Script consultant/writer – Shannan E. Johnson gets structure
Please check out the links and support these folks, things, etc.
Did you miss the previous inspiration board? Here are a few 
What’s this? This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life’s trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I’ve been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments.
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