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Garrison Hayes – Urban Renewal (Subtext)

This is a very informative bit short video about urban renewal. This was the process of taking out entire blocks or sections of neighborhoods to construct freeways , major roads, and other things. Often these were done at the expense of Black and Brown neighborhoods. I live in Oakland California. An example of this is Bart in West Oakland, the former Nimitz freeway, or Geary street in the Fillmore district. File this under systemic racism because it is not just about individual prejudice, its about policy and systems.

Dig this? Check out this purple painting I did about Ethnic Studies

“Coalition for Liberated Ethnic Studies” collaboration

I started working with CLES –the Coalition for a Liberated Ethnic Studies in 2022 and it has been awesome to contribute to the incredible work they are doing to provide resources, curriculum, and advocacy for folks trying to get ethnic studies to kids in public schools, amplify those currently teaching it, and to stand up for those facing attacks because………surprise surprise, lots of reactionary adults are scared of their children feeling uncomfortable. Yeah, the true history of the United States and how it realtes to the world is uncomfortable af, but as a great writer once said :

"Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced." - James Baldwin

Please follow them on IG and cop some merch, to support their work. If you follow me you know how I feel about ethnic studies curriciulum and why it is vital for young people to get and understand.

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LLAG Radio – Art Nelson Concordia interview


This is a really great interview with educator, activist, and dad Art Concordia Nelson about his work in Ethnic Studies. He has been a teacher in schools for over 20 years, was instrumental to the fight for ethnic studies in San Francisco public schools, Ethnic Studies as a requirement for all California high schoolers, and is now working on a program in Santa Barbara.

Some of my favorite topics he brought up in this video are:

  • Ethnic Studies going from the margins to the center and the attacks that come with that
  • Why Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Theory are under scrutiny and threat
  • How race was invented to divide people
  • The path of inquiry to understand systems
  • The experience of working with young people and the responses or questions they have
  • Anti Oppression/ Anti Racism
  • Sorting neighborhoods into workers, managers, and owners
There were more gems but heres a good quote: “Ethnic Studies is history from the perspective of racialized communities of color”
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Teach the Children the Truth (podcast) -Marisa Villegas


Juiced to share this podcast by ethnic studies teacher and professor Marisa Villegas. 

“Ms V” as I call her taught my son when he was a student in the Oakland Unified School District at a bilingual school in East Oakland. She has been teaching for decades and like me is a Berkeley High school grad. In this show she gets into her story as a teacher, her tactics for teaching, and I’m excited to hear more. Listen to the introduction to the podcast and share with ethnic studies teachers. If you follow me you know I ride for this.
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Inspiration board 42

Yall, it gives me so much pleasure to share some of the things I’m seeing, hearing, feeling, reading, learning from, and getting inspired by. PLEASE check out some of these people, things, etc and get inspired!!! Here are they are left to right, top to bottom.

1. Snapdragon by Kat Leyh (graphic novel) Witches, Queer identity, etc

2. Eve Ewing (Author/Educator) writes about super heroes, school closures, and science

3. Vamos! by Raul the Third (Picture book) Bilingual literacy, Latinx, kids lit

4. A Tradition of Violence by Cerise Castle (podcast) LA Sheriff gangs, journalism, police brutality

5. Sebastian Mikael’s new EP Phileo (Soul Music) Soul, hip hop

6. Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro (Animated film) stop motion,

7. Alvin Irby founder of Barbershop Books (Interview) activism, literacy, black boys

8. I am the Subway by Kim Hyo Eun (Picture book) train, humanity, working class

9. Nala Sinephro’s album Space 1.8 (Jazz music) jazz, experimental jazz, harp

10. Abel Cruz’s fog nets (Water) BBC, World hacks, water crisis, fog nets, peru

11. Sibylline Meynet (Artist) illustration, gouache, artist

12. Afu Chan’s Outer Darkness (Artist) comics, illustration

13. Ovarian Psycos (Documentary) cycling, women’s rights, trauma, women

14. Noni Sessions (Activist) East Bay Permanent Real Estate Coop, coop’s, land, activism

15. Coop Conversations (Podcast) Cooperative housing, podcasts, coop’s, alternative housing

16. Teach the Children the Truth by Marisa Villegas (Podcast) Ethnic studies, Raza Studies, education

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What’s this? This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life’s trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I’ve been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments.
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Martín Alberto Gonzalez – Counter Storytelling

In this audio Martín breaks down some really dope ideas about how academia is challenging for first gen college students. He talks about how to empower these students by reminding them of the expertise and knowledge they possess, how to use more multimedia and multimodal approach when making an argument. This involves critical race theory, audio, and story telling!! Listen.

Check out this Oxnard professor’s work here

Dig this? Check out this interview w/ Laura Briggs

Ethnic Studies in Every School 2- Purple


Just painted this new joint before the San Jose Made show and LOVE LOVE LOVE how it came out. I get in a rut sometimes and returning to this subject matter and composition really helped me do my thing and get loose. Check out some of the process art for this one below.

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What is Ethnic Studies? Short version is that US history is Eurocentric and throughout time either mis-characterized, ignored, or completely barred stories and history from African American, Native American, Latinxs, and Asian Americans. I throw in Middle Eastern families as well. In the late 60s San Francisco State University (my 1st college) and then UC Berkeley were the first schools in the US to create college departments that housed teachers and courses dedicated to some of this knowledge. And to be frank, it is not just about a diverse we are the world photo. It’s a bout understanding systems, power, challenging that, and changing the narrative. And that is why some are terrified of it.
Did you like this? Check out the previous “Ethnic Studies In Every School” painting I did (2019). Oh, and have you ever heard of Dolores Huerta? The Contract Buyers League? What about Marie Butchie Tom?
photo credit: My Momma!

Read Banned Books


Here’s a new print for all the lovers of banned books! I wanna shout out all the queer authors and illustrators. All the Black folks and people of color who’ve had the books banned for no more than telling their story. Oh and shout out to all those teachers bringing ethnic studies and critical race theory into their classrooms so students can actually learn how we got here as a country and as a world. Yes, please read banned books and when you do make up your own mind if its useful information or not.
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