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Character Collage 2022-2024

Ok, its been a minute since I uploaded a collage of characters! Two years I think, but honestly some years are rough and last year and a half was that. Regardless, I still made some art and want to show some of the ones I actually liked. There was probably double or triple that either sucked or I just didn’t finish them. I started doing these collages in 2012 as a way to practice, smile at my accomplishments, and to see improvemeent. Still have so much longer to go! But, keeep swinging.

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Sister from my sketchbook 2021 2. Sketchbook doodle 3. Character revisited 4. L& M Tourers 5. Sketchbook doodle 6. Mama Peng 7. Sensei Fatima 8. 2023 Self portrait cruising 9. Blue face Sketchbook 10. Fairy Big Sister 11. C.R. Patterson & Sons 12. Sketchbook doodle 13. Sketchbook doodle 14. Sketchbook doodle 15. Mama & daughter 16. Sketchbook doodle

Dig this? If you are interested in more characters, check out my first art book “Art of Rob” 130 pgs of art. Wanna see some more character collages? Oh boy, there’s more

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Art vs Artist 2023

Been awhile since I did one of these. I tried to quickly pick some recent drawings , projects, or paintings that I like. Some of these are client work, but some are personal.  Top to bottom, left to right.
2. Alejandria Fights Back/ La Lucha de Alejandria by Rise Home Stories Project/ Leticia Hernandez-Linares
4. Character from We Are Yoga/Somos Yoga by Jill Guerra
5. Me
6. Illustration for In Dance Magazine
8. Cover of my book Fresh Juice/Jugo Fresco
9. Dr Muriel Petioni-Blk history month
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Character 168 – Revisited


I was just taking a character design class on how to push your poses by Tony Bancroft and one of the assignments was to take an old pose (2011) and redraw it. I really like how this came out. 

In the new one, I was trying to put more of a curve in his pose. I wanted it to feel more 3/4 as well. Not straight on, and with some weight in his feet. Anyways, you can always improve! And thats what I’m trying to do. 
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Character 166 – Picture me cruisin


Here’s a new self portrait for the new year. I pictured myself cruisin in a futuristic go-kart! One that hovers. Happy new year to you and yours. Trying to keep rollin with the changes. Every few years I do a new one to keep my website, blog, etc fresh. You’ll see this new image on all the tings.
Dig this? Here’s a previous self portrait I did in 2019 . Here’s another one from 2015.
A few close ups…

The previous character before this was Mama Peng

Postcard Deal 3


Here is a new set of postcards I just made featuring some figures from Black history, old 80s movies, and even one of my characters. 
Get a set of postcards here
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Character 165 – Mama Peng


I was vibing to a Greentea Peng song and thought it would be cool to paint her as a mama and the performer she is. If you’re not familiar with her, check out her music and her videos. She’s a talented genre blending artist from the UK who I discovered through the Colors YouTube channel back in 2019. If you dig her music, whats your fav song? Mine is “used to” and “dingaling”.
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