Watercolor portrait of a colorful neighbor walking dogs by Robert Liu-Trujillo.


This is a quick character based on my neighbor who is always out very early walking their dogs and wearing some of the coolest sneakers or sports gear. They always have bright colors and a sports jersey on, too. I have a series of photos in my phone of people in my old neighborhood walking around because my family lived on such a busy street in East Oakland.


Watercolor portrait of young people at rally and the words "Pass the Mic" by Robert Liu-Trujillo.

Oakland Rising: Pass the Mic!

Here’s an illustration I did with a Bay Area organization called Oakland Rising. They requested a collaborative illustration that would feature themes that include democracy, liberation, electoral power, justice, Oakland, and/or people power. I focused on a multigenerational crowd surrounding a young person holding a microphone.  I created the sketch, line work, and type, while artist Luna Yoo added the color. This poster was used for the 2022 Oakland Rising Voter Guide.
Watercolor portrait of the Tougaloo Nine by Robert Liu-Trujillo.

Black is Beautiful: Tougaloo 9

This illustration is of the Tougaloo 9 (Meredith Coleman Anding Jr., James Cleo Bradford, Alfred Lee Cook, Geraldine Edwards, Janice Jackson, Joseph Jackson Jr., Albert Earl Lassiter, Evelyn Pierce, and Ethel Sawyer) — a group of undergraduate college student activists from the HBCU Tougaloo in Jackson, Mississippi. I painted this as part of an ongoing series of illustrations highlighting hidden figures for Black History Month, called “Black Is Beautiful” using watercolor. More background here.