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David Hackney (Death)- Black is Beautiful 10

I’m late to the party, but just saw the documentary “A band called death” about the Detroit band DEATH. It was an awesome documentary about the lives of three brothers, David, Bobby, and Dannis Hackney who together formed what some believe to be the first punk band in 1973. I wasn’t so interested in who started punk, but more just the lives of these three young men and how they came up with some amazing music back then. Their style proved to be way ahead of its time and people from the typical black music labels like Motown and many others did not understand them. I kept wishing as I watched that more young Black artists like them get more support to create without all the BS that comes with being an artist. Go watch the documentary and see how the children of these guys rediscovered the music of the band and how they have reclaimed it and have been performing it. This resonated with me since i have family that played all kinds of music and were in bands before I was born. David Hackney, the oldest of the group passed away , but before he died predicted that the world would come looking for their music, and it did. Two of the brothers are still performing as Death and can be reached at http://deathfromdetroit.com/