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San Jose Craft Holiday Fair – Nov 26-28, 2021


I’ll be vending at @sjmade’s holiday craft fair this year y’all. It’s the largest winter holiday craft fair in the South Bay Area and this year’s three full days from Black Friday (Nov. 26) through Small Business Saturday (Nov. 27) and ending on Sunday, Nov. 28. Know anyone who’d want to go? Tag em here or follow SJMade.
The event features over 350+ amazing makers, artists, designers, curators, workshops, food producers and creative small businesses. I’ve been to two of their events as a visitor and its always a good mix of people and makers. Why come to a craft fair? Gifts and goodies you can’t often get at a chain or corporate store! If you’re a maker there is also lots of inspiration. So mask up and come through! 
Free to get in. Santa Clara Convention Center – 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054.  Friday Nov. 26 (12 pm to 6 pm), Saturday Nov. 27 (11 am to 6 pm) and Sunday (11 am to 5 pm). More info at
This video is pre-pandemic, but posting it so you can get a vibe.
Shout out to SF Etsy, heres my post from 2019 when I was a vendor there.
Wanna see how I made it to 1k sales on Etsy? Peep

SFETSY seller!

Fam, I first “volunteered” for SF Etsy in 2014 (i think-getting old) because I wanted to put in some work and learn how they work, who they are, and if it would be a good place to sell my stuff at. I found out all of that and so much more. SF Etsy is a kind, supportive group of folks who are from all over the Bay Area. I’ve always had a great time at all their events and its a world class lesson in community and business when you peep how they do what they do. So, find something different and unique by using the #sfEtsy hashtag, go to the shows once they start up again, and support a local business… 

Children’s portrait Collage 3

So here is the third collage of children’s portraits. I started painting these about 5 years ago. My goal is to hit 100 portraits and I’m almost half way there. I took a short break while working on picture books, but some of these have been in my files that I wanted to share. If you can do me a favor and share this that would be great. Share with parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, or guardians that would be interested in commissioning a painting of a child.
Here is the FIRST collage
And the SECOND
This is the original video I made to talk about them.
You can email me directly about this at or visit my Etsy Store where photos of the portraits are.