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Art vs Artist 2023

Been awhile since I did one of these. I tried to quickly pick some recent drawings , projects, or paintings that I like. Some of these are client work, but some are personal.  Top to bottom, left to right.
2. Alejandria Fights Back/ La Lucha de Alejandria by Rise Home Stories Project/ Leticia Hernandez-Linares
4. Character from We Are Yoga/Somos Yoga by Jill Guerra
5. Me
6. Illustration for In Dance Magazine
8. Cover of my book Fresh Juice/Jugo Fresco
9. Dr Muriel Petioni-Blk history month
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ArtvsArtist 2020

Here is my #ArtvsArtist piece for 2020. I didn’t see anyone posting new ones yet this year so i thought I’d do it again. I haven’t done one since 2018. Check out some of these pieces in more detail. From left to right, top to bottom. If you’re new to my work, here’s how you can work with me LINK, or you can email me at
1. Read Print 1
2. Brown Berets for Inktober
3. Bandsaw character
4. Leila Motley (Poet)
5. Me– Photo by Kristen Murakoshi
6. Dads who dig character
7. Boombox character
8. Play That Beat type
9. Organizer painting


If you follow this blog you already know me. But for those who are new my name is Rob. I have been working as a freelance artist for over 12 years (life long artist). I love working in traditional media doing portraits, scenes, and lettering. My subjects revolve around music, storytelling, social justice, and ethnic studies.