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Support AAPI owned Bookstores


Fam, will all this talk of stoping Asian Hate, what I’d like to do is implore you to support these Aapi owned bookstores in the US and beyond. Most of them are in actual brick and mortar locations but some are online. See the list for those.
These lists were compiled by We Need Diverse Books, KiBooka, the Asian Author Alliance, and Big shout out to them for taking the time to make these because I bet there are more out there. If you haven’t supported a n organization that supports Aapi through advocacy and organizing then hit up these bookstores. They will have an amazing selection of Aapi stories to share as gifts, to learn from, etc. And they can order other books.
People are still out here attacking AAPI women and elders and I need you as a reader to get involved in some way either by supporting aapi businesses or backing organizations. Peace!