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Berna Anat – How do I Pick a Bank?


Berna Anat, is doing the damn thing when it comes to sharing financial information and literacy that is quick, funny, to the point, ethical, and aware of how not all financial advice applies to everyone. Especially to Black folks, Indigenous , Asian Americans, Latinos, etc.  I’ve been following her for two or three years and I have definitely felt informed and smarter after listening to her speak. Check out her new YouTube series!
For example, this is common knowledge to most folks, but for some reason it didn’t sink in to me until she broke it down. Using credit cards to make purchases helps you earn points which can be used to buy other things like plane tickets, or whatever you need depending on the card.
Dig this? I wrote about her when I heard she’s got a book dropping to break some of this down for young people and teachers. Get her book here

Money Out Loud- Berna Anat


I came across Berna on Instagram where she kills it with her financial hype woman advice, pointers, and celebrations. I, like so many did not grow up with financial literacy and I now know that is by design. But, I’m learning and I think the way Berna approaches finances and the fact that she made this to talk not only about the numbers but a person of color perspective makes this one to look out for.
Preorder this book for yourself, your high school classroom, or your bookstore HERE
Check out this interview she did with the Brown Ambition podcast
Here is her Instagram where you can find her hyping up your financial accomplishments and dropping game.
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