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Black is Beautiful 2020 – Black Is Beautiful

So I’m trying something new this year for Black History Month. Regularly I draw Black folks from many different walks of life that I feel should be honored, remembered, or studied. Last year I did larger prints of two organizations. The “Contract Buyers League” and “Camp Atwater”. This year I’m trying out some type based art prints with the hopes to spread the message and hopefully to help decorate your space. Let me know what you think. The first one is the phrase I used to describe my series, its “Black is Beautiful” and it is inspired by a few things. One is hand lettering and the iron on letters b-boys and b-girls used to adorn their shirts. And the second is Ndebele painted homes from South Africa. Oh and the Adinkra symbol used next to the letter means “love”.


Why the phrase? Well, because for centuries the Eurocentric focus on beauty has permeated everything from fashion, to love, to advertising, sex, you name it. Because of it you got Black and Brown people dyeing their skin to look whiter. In the 70s (when I was born) there was a resurgence of Black pride in skin and hair in the US and I see new continuations of that with more people rocking their natural hair and being proud of who they are whether they are African, African American, or Afro Latin@. So, it’s a proclamation and a reminder.

Please check out some close ups from the painting below.

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