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Imajimation studios-Blokhedz, Blade

I remember the first time I saw the comic “Blokhedz” by these cats was in a library in Bed Stuy. I was amazed and wondered why I hadn’t heard of the creators before. I bought the book for me and my son and was really happy to find out they turned it into an animated series. Heres one of the episodes with guest voice appearances by Talib Kweli and Bobbito Garcia

and a peek into their process for animating a series based on Blade

Yo Samax Amen, just reminded me of these cats because he posted a Trayvon Martin tribute they did. A nerdy detail, a lot of the graf you see in this series (throw up’s, tags, pieces) are real cats, I recognized some of the names as soon as I saw them from Nyc streets.