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RAD (1986) – Movies I love

LOVE this movie. Always have. I didn’t see it in theaters because I was probably too little (1986) but I watched the vhs of this over and over and over again. Its is one of my all time favorite films ever. Still holds up. And you can now own it digitally which is dope. Cop it on digital platforms.
This is a great film about skill, talent, practice, love of your craft (in this case-riding bmx), redemption, and being an underdog. This film made me want to ride, and I did. For hours and hours, days and days. I felt freedom on my bike and always feel super inspired when watching this. The cult fandom of this flick is super deep and loyal too! And the soundtrack is dope-an eclectic mix of 80s synth rock from the US and the UK.


Here’s an indy film I worked on: Transfinite  
What is this? This is a part of my blog where I share my favorites films. I enjoy them for their pacing, action, comedy, drama, lighting, acting, score, so many things. I grew up as a lover of cinema going with my parents, friends, and by myself. I’m no scholar but I bet I could find a movie we both love to talk about. Stay tuned for more…..