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Film Study 2 – Creed (2015)

Here’s a film about boxing that I love. Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan have a great rapport. They seem to get each other and I think they’ve worked on four films together now. Anyone, this addition to the Rocky saga is a super intelligent well made one. I haven’t seen all the Rocky films but I’ve seen some and this fits right in. Michael B is the son of Apollo Creed in this flick.
This is a new series for me (a visual artist) exploring the language of film and tv. I love the medium like s many people and I want to learn more about how the best do what they do. Part of that is learning who does what, re-examining film and tv I love, studying shot composition, lighting, and camera moves. Anyway, if you’re curious follow along.
Here’s the previous film study- Juice 1992 film

Film Study 1-Juice (1992)


Juice (1992) is one of my all time favorite films. I’ve seen it so many times I can quote most scenes. Heres a bit of film study learning about shots. How they’re composed and why. Ernest Dickerson was the director and Larry Banks was the DP or Cinematographer. You can get the 25th anniversary edition here.
I got some of the shot composition definitions from Studio Binder and made this graphic with shots from the film. Feel free to use it or share (w /credit of course). I already have respect for film, tv, and animation makers, but studying it gives me so much more respect for how difficult it is to make something both beautiful and meaningful. 
Stay tuned….