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Inktober 5 – Amanda Alvear

Keep dancing.  Rest in peace Amanda Alvear- I imagined you swinging your arms and legs wildly to the music. 
This goes out to all the family members who lost a loved one to this summer’s tragedy at a sanctuary for dance, music, love and life. My heart goes out to you and all those who’ve been bullied or hurt physically or mentally by a society who does not truly understand who you are. I can’t say that I truly understand, but I can say that I see you and I support your right to love and to dance without fear. When starting my residency with Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, during a morning exercise I was handed three names of people who passed away and I’m drawing an imagined vision of those three people. Keep dancing.

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“From Fruitvale to Florida” by Karen Seneferu

This is a powerful piece by artist Karen Seneferu
.Read her words:
This documentation is a tribute to Oscar Grant, Treyvon Martin, Andy Lopez, Alejandro Nieto, Renisha McBride, Akai Gurley, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamar Rice, and hundreds of Black and Brown people who have been killed by policer officers, security guards, and vigilantes. The people in the video were given the question how did you feel or think when you heard the verdict in some of these cases? Their facial expressions are their responses. The video challenges the idea of gazing out and into the eyes of others who refuse to recognize the genocide occurring in these communities by the judicial system.