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Jerry Lawson – Google Doodle + game


This is really cool to see this man starting to get his dues and recognition. Props to Google for this one and much love to Jerry’s kids Karen and Anderson for continuing to build on their fathers legacy so kids of all kinds can be inspired. More background on Jerry.
Dig this? Check out this painting of Jerry I did
Although this google doodle and others like it are awesome for celebrating hidden figures the fact that Google’ workforce has such a tiny Black employee presence is fucked up. Peep this video

Character Collage (6) 2016-2017

Here is my annual collage of character’s I’ve either designed or reimagined both with traditional and digital means. My main goal with these when I started 8 years ago was to practice working on figures and faces. More specifically I wanted to create a body of work that could be applied to children’s books, gaming, comics, animation, film, and more. I wanted to explore figures from the past, people of color, ethnic studies, activists, science fiction, and fantasy. Let me know what you think!
1. EZLN– Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacíon Nacional 2. Cyclops-Xmen 3. Kamala Khan-Marvel character 4. Bobby Hundreds-Fashion design 5. Side plank – Yoga Pose 6. Repeal the Jones Act-boricuas 7. Sara KhoshJamal Fekri– Martial artist 8. Mary “Butchie” Tom– Dancer 9.  Bgirl Terra 10. Trayvon Martin 11. Lumad Youth-Philippines 12. Memphis Minnie-Blues 13. Frosty Freeze-Bboy 14. Vicki Manalo-Draves -Diving 15. Edna Lewis -chef 16. Mena
You can see the previous years here too: 
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters in particular, or a print just email me at

Character Collage (5) 2015-2016

I love drawing realistic and exaggerated characters. Especially people who are not often drawn! I started doing these character collages as a way to practice and challenge myself over 5 years ago.  I’ve been into drawing characters for ever. Once a month, 10 a year, doesn’t really matter, its more about practicing and getting the ideas out. And by doing that, looking back and seeing improvement and growth. Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Toni Stone 2. Duke Kahanamoku 3. Sha Rock 4. Sketch soldier 5. Sho-Nuff 6. Ana Delgado 7. Ameena 8. Flyers ink drawing 9. East Bay Dragons 10. Lauryn Hill 11. Random sketch 12. Haenyo 13. Green Turtle 14. Marley Dias 15. Black hair Ink drawing 16. Ibeyi twins 17. Katara & Toph 
You can see the previous years here too: 2014-2015
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters in particular, just email me at

Inktober 25- Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

As a kid i played video games in arcades and one of my all time favorites was Street Fighter, a game designed by Takasahi Nishiyama in the1980s for the Japanese based company Capcom. Originally it hit arcades in the states around 87. Shit really hit the fan when they released Street Fighter 2, which is when I found it. To date there are many characters, some from the original two games and many additions. Chun-Li was always one of my favorites.
Original drawing here.

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Green Turtle / Shadow Hero

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Inspiration board 22

From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Hilda! I love this series of graphic novels (all ages) from Luke Pearson. 2. Nick Hakim-starting to really dig his music 3. Of Love & Riots Show in Sac was both tiring and nourshing, we worked our asses off (Trust Your Struggle Collective) 4. My boy, he wanted to quit, but pulled through to finish strong 5. Feminist Frequency- I thank Sarkeesian for opening up my eyes to more in gaming, especially since my son is about to get into it 6. Minorities in Publishing-this blog is educational if you are interested in getting into publishing, it features POC from many facets of the game 7. Street Etiquette-brothers have style, and its inspiring to see 8. Heroes of the Environment-a dope book about a lot of different people putting in work to save the earth and its people 9. Gehard Demetz-his sculpture is DOPE!! 10. Knxledge-making some very slapworthy beats 11. Pref-Id- Dope graff writer w/ a unique style 12. Zoot Suiters-they went through a lot to express themselves and assert their identity 13. DOPE was a great movie, need more of them 14. Joe Conzo-dope photographer who catches some beautiful moments 15. Wille Real-Dope illustrator who gets to the point 16. 1978ers-feeling their sound!

Levi Ryken

Watch live video from doublefine on TwitchTV
This is my brother Levi Ryken since 93/94. I could write a long paper about this dude, his talents, character, kindness, and over all awesomeness but you’ll get a glimpse of it through this video of him pitching his first video game. Now, Im not a gamer at all, but when he explained the theme and concept of this game and the place where he works (Double Fine); i really understood why he loves it so much. If you are an investor, gaming writer, or supporter of this kind of artform keep an eye on him. He’s doing great things and his name will be much more of a household name verry soon.