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Inktober 9 – Janel Martinez

I relate to Janel a lot just hearing about the mix of cultures she grew up with and having to “explain” to people who you are w/o constantly getting asked “what are you”? For those that are not up on her work, she is a young Journalist out of the Boogie Down who works in culture, current events, tech, etc. She writes about her culture too making it more possible for other young brothers and sisters too identify with both their African and Latino roots and to be damn proud of it. The difficult part of this is not just explaining it to white people, it’s breaking it down for Latinos and for African Americans and getting a better understanding of who “Afro-Latinos” are. Self love first. Check out the work she does with her business and blog “Ain’t I Latina?” On the social media platforms and blogs she not only talks about her experiences but highlights those of other Afro-Latinas in the world; past and present. This is dope because it lets everyone know that folks have so many more dimensions and complexity to them. And it allows people to follow many more change makers and successful entrepreneurs. Right on Janel.

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