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Crank Boots x East Bay Edibles x BB Vol.1

The article is out! This past month I wrote and illustrated a short piece about Cranky Boots Pops. for East Bay Edibles magazine. EBE is a magazine about East Bay (Bay Area) food companies, restaurants, farms, sustainable practices, chef’s, local food artisans like Amanda and Aland, and so much more. I first read this magazine about a year and a half ago and I’ve been wanting to contribute to it artistically since then.

Cranky boots was a perfect fit. Not only to contribute to the magazine, but to help spread the word about the delicious popsicles they make. First, I interviewed them for the coming Zine “BB Vol. 1” and asked them some questions about how they stay healthy. Then, I wrote an article based on more questions, their feedback, and that of the editor. Check out some of the questions that didnt make the magazine, but will end up in “BB Vol.1” very soon. If you’ll recall, i did some hand written artwork for one of their events last year. Big shout out to Aland and Amanda for letting me write about their efforts and draw their faces. And a big shout out to Cheryl the editor of East Bay Edibles, which is an international magazine with over 70 participating cities.

What was your goal or mission with CBP when you first started and how has it
Our goal has always been to build and maintain community. The ways we build and help maintain community are vast and various, but the goal won’t ever change. Our mission is to bring some joyous essence of summer nostalgia to everyday folks, while at the same time doing our part to bring about social justice and awareness.

What’s in these popsicles?
Whole organic fruit, minimal sugar, a small amount of water, a whole lot of soul, and love.

Why do you use local or organic ingredients?
It’ s important for us to support not only our community, but the Earth’s health. The closer we do things to home, the more accountable we are to not only our environment but to the people of our community.

Where do you sell your product? Any stores?
We mostly sell at community festivals. This year, we’ll be at Doof-a-palooza, San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade, and a bunch of other places like Mandela Foods Cooperative in West Oakland. We’re working on selling them in a couple of local coffeehouses and bars around the East Bay, but nothing is solidified, yet.

How can people try your popsicles or get in contact with you?
Stay tuned to our blog. We’re always talking about where we’ll be and what we’re doing. Our first festival event is Doof-a-palooza, which is in May, after that they can hit us up at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.