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Inspiring Artist – Helen Mingjue Chen


Yo, Helen Mingjue Chen is one of my favorite artists. She’s an illustrator and concept artist for animation. She’s worked on Wreck it Ralph, Raya and the Last Dragon, Frankenweenie, Paperman, Big Hero 6, and so many other films. She also has worked on a bunch of comics for DC and Marvel. If you have not seen or heard of her work please go check out her site and get her art books here. I have one and its amazing! Helen if you’re reading this, lets book trade!

Here’s a video link to here explaining how she does film work.

Yo, if you’re new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times. And I am definitely geeking out on Helen’s work because her stuff is amazing. The line work, the action, the design elements of her sets, and the lighting. OMG, So good. 


Thats it for now. Like I said go check out more of her stuff. The last artist I mentioned that really inspired me is Mira Nair, see that post here

You can also see my last inspiration board here if you’re currently stumped, maybe it will help.