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Mamas Day Launch

Hey folks, please share and spread the word widely about these Mothers Day Cards. You can send one to your mom, to a parent you know, or to any young people/artists/ activists looking for seriously cool alternative to the normal mothers day cards. Check out this video to explain more.

These mothers day cards were created by a huge variety of artists all across the US including my crew mate Cece Carpio, my homies Crystal Clarity, Melanie Cervantes, and my boo Joy Liu.

Please use these images to attach to your social media and let folks know there is a growing voice to show the diversity of families, whether they be incarcerated, queer, undocumented, or just showing people of color!

I had the chance to contribute as well by making a positive image for fathers day. You can see it now on the MamasDay site, but it will have a launch around fathers day too.

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