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Walkout, Organize, Vote – Poster

This poster is for youth to use in walkouts around gun violence (police are a huge part of that) and more; commissioned by Mobilize the Immigrant Vote andĀ YVoteCA.

MIV organizes with Black, Latinx, and Asian folks across California to get elders, adults, and their grand children involved in local, city, and state elections to fight back against racist policies. I had the pleasure of being an artist in residence with MIV creating portraits of members and illustrating scenes to help non Black POC understand African American migration in the US. YVote CA is a group also organizing from northern, southern, and central California. Specifically, millennial voters since they are 1/3 of the population and the nation’s most diverse population. Please follow both to learn moreĀ  and support.

Voting: I understand many men and boys my age don’t give a #$%^ about voting. You have reason to be skeptical because we are dealing with an imperialist, capitalist, sexist, homophobic, and racist government (multinational corporations). I get it. But, after spending time with young men and women I can say that there is a lot to learn about laws & policies affecting your block, neighborhood, city, and state. If you’re not going to promote voting, cool. But please support folks in grassroots or community organizations who are “organizing” because talking shit is not enough. Thank you to those men who are already doing this.

And for the record I believe any reform on gun violence must include disarming the police across the US. I believe women & youth must be at the forefront of the conversation and their opinions treated with respect.

Dig this? Check out some portraits painted for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote

Mobilize the Immigrant Vote 1- Portraits

Benson, 21, Oakland, Mobilize the Immigrant vote

Benson, 21, Oakland, Mobilize the Immigrant vote

Benson, 21, Oakland, Mobilize the Immigrant vote

Just finished several portraits for a statewide organization called “Mobilize the Immigrant Vote”. These portraits are being used in a small campaign to engage voters of many different races. This past spring I was invited to be their first artist in residence which is a big #$%^& deal. In the past i’ve worked with many organizations who only need you for one image or don’t ask for your input on when, where, and how the artwork is to be used. But this time its quite different with MIV because I have been invited to collaborate with them and to produce art that pulls in your eye, hopefully. These folks you see are young people and adults who are either first generation immigrants themselves or their parents were. And it is extremely important to that they reach other youth so we can get them informed and involved in law, policy, and organizing. 
These were sponsored by the MIV action fund and We are California. If you’ve never voted or totally disagree with voting, let me know why in the comments-no judgement here. Stay tuned.