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Mo’ Better Blues (1990) – Movies I Love 2


Possibly my favorite Spike Lee film. Or at least in the top 3. This is a love story with a whole lot of good music. Check out this article where the two leading ladies Indigo and Clark talk about the film in retrospect, as this film is 30 years old y’all!
 So much to say about Denzel’s smooth status in this. His confidence and his flaws. There’s a lot in this about Brooklyn of course. And a ton about friendship and ART! I love the little nods to Trane, to the Five percenter’s, to colorism, monogamy, sexism, and the consumption of Black Art. Please watch this if you’re a fan of Spike, Jazz, or Black Artists. 
Watch the trailer, and listen to the soundtrack!!!!! Bradford Marsalis, Bill Lee, they all do their thing on it!

Check out my last fav movie: RAD
What is this? This is a part of my blog where I share my favorites films. I enjoy them for their pacing, action, comedy, drama, lighting, acting, score, so many things. I grew up as a lover of cinema going with my parents, friends, and by myself. I’m no scholar but I bet I could find a movie we both love to talk about. Stay tuned for more…..