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Article – Permanently Organized

Yoooo, this right here! The writer Michelle is an old friend and her organization “Movement Generations” has been organizing around land, labor, justice, and ecology for a minute. What does that mean? Its a lot to explain-but they’re down. Please take 6 minutes and read this article about how we stay ready for the apocalypse.
I’ll give you an example of how she practices what “Movement Gen” preaches from a parent perspective. You ever wanted to go out for a date whether you’re boo’d up or single but you have a child or children you don’t want to leave at home? This sister and her family created an organized community strategy to this. 5-10 families all pitch in by watching each other children on a rotating basis. Each Friday the kids go to one families house who watches all the kids (think activities, food, movies) and the other families go out for 2 maybe 3 hours to dance, see a movie, see a concert, or relax. Sound cool? Imagine if we were all so connected we didn’t have to grocery shop or put elders in an old folks home, we’d all help each other by sharing the care.