Not 1 More (Poster)

A piece to support todays national day of action to say “Not One More” deportation. The whole fight to keep “immigrants” out is ridiculous because it isnt just a policy, it is a racist plan to separate families, take wealth while giving nothing back, imprison folks who migrate to work/live, and to deceive the common american who may receive only a piece of the story. I don’t want to get all into it, but look up the history of California, what was Mexico. Check out NAFTA (an unfree trade agreement), and look at race and how brown people of Asian, Arab, and Latino decent are treated and demonized in the media. Also, peep the link between large banks , private prisons, and detention centers. Coincidence? Are Polish or Dutch immigrants having their families broken apart or having their doors rammed? Something to think about.

More artwork from some amazing artists here at “Not One More Deportation” a national call for art put out by NDLON- National Day Laborer Organizing Network.