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Independent Sector


I was commissioned to paint a portrait of 12 fellows of the 2020 NGEN Fellows from Independent Sector. Here’s a bit of process of how I did it, minus the reference photos of the individuals and the seated poses.
LINK to the program
Here’s the final.

ArtvsArtist 2020

Here is my #ArtvsArtist piece for 2020. I didn’t see anyone posting new ones yet this year so i thought I’d do it again. I haven’t done one since 2018. Check out some of these pieces in more detail. From left to right, top to bottom. If you’re new to my work, here’s how you can work with me LINK, or you can email me at info@robdontstop.com
1. Read Print 1
2. Brown Berets for Inktober
3. Bandsaw character
4. Leila Motley (Poet)
5. Me– Photo by Kristen Murakoshi
6. Dads who dig character
7. Boombox character
8. Play That Beat type
9. Organizer painting

Jazz Portraits 30- Shirley Scott (Organ)

Wow, cant believe its been so long so I posted a Jazz related piece. Here’s a lady Ive been listening to and getting acquainted with. Ms Shirley Scott, a wonderful organ and piano player who was an incredible band leader, band member, and an all around talented musician who I feel does not get enough praise. Some of my favorites by her include “Shirley” (w/ her husband Stanley Turrentine), Carla’s dance, 411 West, and Soul Song. There is also a good segment on NPR’s piano jazz with her as well. RIP.

Jazz Portraits 27- Jaspects (band)

My my my what a group this is. I’m just starting to delve into their sound. Yes I’m late. But then, I started….right? Jaspects is a group of cats who met at Morehouse, see Vanessa Warren’s write up on them from the Polkadot LP. They play hella instruments, they rhyme, sing, and they got fashion sense. What else could you ask for in a Jazz Band? Um, so the songs i’m feeling by this multi-instrumental, multi-talented ensemble are “Fallin“, West End Station, Be-Hop, and My way to love.

If you’re just tuning in, Ive been working on this Jazz Series of (Rough) portraits and typography for more than a year and its almost done. If you have not heard of some of the musicians like this group, check out what the individual members are up to. I found Henry Conerway III of Jaspects on twitter for example. From one artist to another…

Jazz Portraits 26- Patrice Rushen ( Piano/ Vocals)

Patrice Rushen is an OG musician. Been listening to her music for awhile. I think i first flipped out when I heard “Where there is love”, because Mobb Deep used that for Temperature’s rising. But aside from all the great soulful songs she did from ablums like Pizaz, Posh, and Patrice; she started with more experimental, electronic, and funky Jazz. Some of the songs I dug up that I liked were Before the Dawn, Stepping Stones, and Puttered popcorn . Long live Patrice, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and funk goddess.

Jazz Portrait 24- Jneiro Jarel/Dr.Who Dat (Beats)

Update 2019: Indigo Eden is probably my favorite of the pre 2011. This is still one of my favorite paintings I did of this era of music inspired portraits.

Here’s my original post of Jneiro typography. Some songs of his I didn’t mention in that one are: Brooklyn mood, Nights over Nantes, and Viberian Sun . Why’d I put down this due? Because there is something vibrant, funky, and experimental in his music. I hear it.

Update 2019: Indigo Eden is probably my favorite of the pre 2011.

Dig this? Check out this portrait of Madlib