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Postcard Deal 3


Here is a new set of postcards I just made featuring some figures from Black history, old 80s movies, and even one of my characters. 
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Postcard Deal 2 revamp


Want some postcards to send to family and friends? Here are a few i’ve made over the past year or two waiting to be sent. I just revamped this set on my shop.
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Postcard Deal 2


Here is a second set of postcards. You know, some folks still send snail mail and dig these. If you are one of those people you can cop this set HERE.
This set has a mix of artwork with the themes of analog music, character design, self care, and people of color. The last set of postcards is here.

Black is Beautiful – Postcard set 1

Black history month – Postcard set by Robert Liu-Trujillo
This is a set of postcards featuring three Black women from a series of Black history month. The subjects I chose are not who are typically talked about during the month and that is intentional. I hope with my series of illustrations, I can be one of many artists expanding the consciousness of Black lives and the Black experience. We all love Rosa, Malcolm, and Martin, but there are so many more people we should know. These women are:

Betty Reid Soskin- Oldest African American park ranger 

Memphis Minnie- Pioneering blues musician

Edna Lewis- Ground breaking chef

Story + Music Postcards

Drummer Postcard
Jneiro Postcard

These are heading for your fridge, art directors, and your friends fridge. The drummer boy post card comes from Short Story 12 and the colorful portrait is that of electronic/jazz/ hip hop/ genreless musician Jneiro Jarel. Both are from seperate series, but if you’ve been following me you already know that. Check the comments…to win one.